Bhutan Tour

Bhutan tour is worth a mention on every travel directories, the mystic frontier is veiled by the legend of ancient Buddhist culture. It is probably every traveler dream holiday destination for travel as it represent the last Shangri-la and the ultimate boundary of South Asia

The country is sky lined with towering Himalayan peaks with escalation dripping into sweltering plains of India. Diversity reflects adverse religious ethics influenced with Drukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is strongly tied with a cultural pattern also known as the Red hat sect. Gross National Happiness is the common identity derived in the early seventies depicting bridge between fundamental values of kindness, equality, humanity and necessary pursuit of economic growth.

Bhutan gained the United Nation membership in 1971 and opened its door for tourism perspective from 1972. Prior to time, it subsisted, fabled South Asia destination in isolation. These days margin of overseas visitors has gained numerously and popularity as an adventure holiday destination is recognized globally. Bhutan tour is conveniently connected from Nepal


Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan culture and attractions. Short Bhutan Holidays


Bhutan Package Holidays

Package Holidays - Suits Family, Senior's and Singles


Bhutan Family Tours

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