Buddhist Holy Sites

Buddhist Holy Sites highlighting Buddhism in Nepal starts with Lumbini pilgrim Tour. While, Lumbini could be the sole purpose of Buddhist pilgrimage tours, there are numerous worthy sites of Buddhism religious inspirations in Nepal. Some of these holy Buddhist sites may not openly relate to Lord Buddha but are significant Buddhist tourist’s attractions, each waiting to captivate and expand knowledge about Buddha’s eight fold paths to salvation.

Buddhism venerated caves, monasteries Stupas and surviving meditating enclaves of Guru Padmaswambhava, Tilopa, Naropa and Milarepa are other justification of strong Buddhism faith in Nepal. Namo Buddha and the Maratika cave in the mid hills of central Nepal are equally an important Buddhist holy site outside Kathmandu valley and aspect of the birth of Buddhism in Nepal.

New Lumbnini Monastery

Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour

Lumbini tour in Nepal is a pilgrimage holiday in the birth place of Buddha the Shakya Prince; enlightened Siddhartha Gautam