Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours

Buddhist pilgrimage for religious principle or travel holidays consisting religion highlights includes the Lumbini garden where Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam and sacred areas spread over various holy places before and after enlightenment.
Nepal is the founding destination of Buddhism and provides a library of legacy and historically important sites related to Buddha. However, with the volume of international visitor showering interest visiting the peace development trust to find Karma, coexistence in harmony and understand Nirvana, it openly proves it is not just site for Buddhist pilgrimage tour exclusively.
Manjushree-hill- Halesi

Buddhist Holy Sites

Pilgrimage journey providing soul healing satisfaction of universal value

New Lumbnini Monastery

Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour

Lumbini tour in Nepal is a pilgrimage holiday in the birth place of Buddha the Shakya Prince; enlightened Siddhartha Gautam