Single Parents Holiday

Walking trail doesn’t exceed 2000 meters.
No warm clothes needed from April / October (light warm cloth for kids while on hill top tours)
Warm winter cloths from November / March

Single parents holiday are characteristically an entertaining family tour, a holiday to get along with kids or grownups. Overall, Nepal tours for single mother or a single father accompanied by children depends on nature, interest and importantly how old are the children.

Nepal is by and large, an adventure tour destination and holidays can be directed into obvious series containing nature, interest and time. Adventure transcends naturally with tours in Nepal and it is for the parents to determine the comfort zone of kid below 3/4 years old. If interested on a light trekking or hiking program, guide and support staff do help children to transform holiday mood with extra pampering whenever needed.

Holiday itineraries for single parents travelling with are basically customized with sight seeing tour of all major city and sites of Nepal. It can be included with a sort trekking or hiking program after spending an overnight stay on hill top resort for best views of sunrise and sunset. Spend a few days holiday walking in the foothill of Annapurna mountain trails for a refreshing adventure experience.

Follow up the holiday with an overnight night stay at a beach camp after fun filled rafting adventure (kids should be 5 + yrs old but we can fit special ways for smaller ones on safe water river). Spend the evening around campfire by the beach dinning best local delicacies cooked by supporting rafting crew. Enjoy some light moments with savory snack and barbecue dinner. Additionally, take a tour of Lumbini the birth place of Buddha and learn the message of peace.

The trip though doesn’t end here as we move toward Chitwan National for a two nights full board stay. Ride and play with Elephant, experience a dugout canoe ride in the Rapti river, take a village walk or bathe an elephant, sight wonderful species of birds, the one-horned Asian Rhino or if lucky even the rare mysterious royal Bengal tiger. The trip ends visiting wonderful city of Kathmandu before flying back home.

Depends on nature, interest, days and importantly how old and number of children.

The trips is possible throughout the year but need to consider walking in wet conditions during June, July and August.

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