Singles Holiday

Single or solo travel holiday or a tour is a personal initiative braving travel ethics. But, it is familiar and has a noteworthy rise in this trend of travel these days. Solo travels are intentional for numerous reasons and with a little preparation it gives enough to discover treasured imagination. However, such travel must start with right reflection to find solace with solitude. Intent of travel may vary, although it is crucial safe destination matters; twist your thoughts into South Asia, Nepal where mountains touch the sky and is defined a Heaven on Earth. Rightly recommended by the Forbes magazine and the Lonely Planet’s top ten destinations to travel for a holiday. Interestingly, single traveler don’t need to formulate the pattern of travel in Nepal in obvious ways, likeminded will be in plenty and new friendship evident if sought-after.

Singles travel holiday in Nepal, reflexes on the nature of interest. But, it is difficult for a tour company to consider an itinerary without being accessed with the general interest of requirement. Nepal is beholding on tourism point.
Laden within the mighty Himalayas exhibiting extraordinary sight, trekking trails, diverse culture, ancient history, heritage sites. Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Mountain Biking and Ultra light flights are the major adrenaline program suitable to accumulate into a single travel adventure. Further, move on an ox cart, hike on green hills, ride an Elephant in a wildlife Safari Park, take a village walk, watch the sunset and sunrise or simply submerge in hot spring water in the hill towns. The message should effortlessly be understood.
Nepal sets example for safe singles tours. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be wise to mention, it’s free of trouble shooters. Travel single or solo, post in your request, we’ll get back offering itineraries for unique experience.


Single Parents Holiday

No difficulties in travelling with infants for Nepal Tour


Family Holiday

Safe and comfortable travel and tours with children. 14 Days Holiday in Nepal.


Family Vacation

Travel with Children - Experience the Magic of Nepal